Top Choices To Checkout When Picking the Right Paving and Decking Material

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It’s time to maximize your outdoor spaces! And if you still don’t have a deck or patio in your exterior, this might be the best time to plan it. These landscaping features add a unique flair and versatility to how you relax, welcome guests, entertain friends, and enjoy alfresco dinners. Are you set to have this project started? For you not to be overwhelmed with the extensive building materials in the market, our team at Ipswich Decking Solutions come up with this guide. Check out the top choices you can consider when picking the right paving and decking material. 


For people scouring for an excellent paving material for their pool area, you can consider using travertine. You can be assured that the surface around your pool will be nonslip because travertine absorbs water quickly, and it can have a textured finish. Besides that, it is also very long-lasting and comes in a myriad of colors and styles. 


For those who wish to have a posh and sophisticated-looking hardscape area without sacrificing durability and functionality, bluestone pavers might be an excellent alternative for you. One reason why many people opt to have it is that you can conveniently customize it according to your specifications. At Ipswich Decking Solutions, we can cut these pavers into slabs and small pieces to craft distinctive patterns for your surfaces. Besides that, its prominent gray and blue tones can seamlessly blend into your lawn.  


If you require a functional, durable, and budget-friendly paving material to cover vast spaces, concrete can be the paving solution you are searching for. It is also a great choice for hardscape areas exposed to heavy payloads as well as high foot and car traffic. Some may say that concretes can be very bland, but you can now easily spice up your concrete surfaces through innovations. It comes in many colors and finishes, so you can conveniently match it to your existing landscape and preferred style. 


When it comes to deck surfaces, bricks are always a classic option. With its rustic and warm appeal, you can make your decks more welcoming. Bricks can be an excellent pick for people scouring for accents that can add character to their traditionally structured landscape. Compared to stone pavers, bricks are more affordable. Besides that, they have a nonslip surface and are very durable to fire and dampness. 

Composite Wood

Composite decks are a more environmentally-friendly alternative to standard timber. They are usually made from wood wastes and recycled materials, so they lesser upkeep compared to real wood. Our top-quality composite decks in Ipswich come in a variety of colors, grain patterns, textures, and styles, so you will not have trouble finding one that greatly mimics the look of refined wood decks. 

Cobbles or Setts 

Cobbles or setts are commonly used for patios, driveways, roads, and paving because they are robust and long-lasting. It is also available in a variety of colors, so you can easily use them to complement other materials used in your flooring. Besides that, they are also used for statement walls and fireplaces because their shape allows convenient installation. 

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