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Timber Decking Ipswich

In properly building decks, you must have the best materials, and among the various options, wood is most popularly chosen by homeowners. Guaranteeing beautiful and sturdy results, our Timber Decking experts will assure you of detailed and high-quality construction.

Before deck building, every project associated with its own set of problems, aesthetic pleasing, safety precautions, sustainability, and maintenance, it is one relatively inexpensive way to create an entertainment area in your gardens, potentially providing you a place to enjoy.

Everything you need, from aesthetic appeal to excellent functionality and durability, is with Timber Decking.

What is Timber Decking?

Timber decking maximizes one’s outdoor space and provides a smooth flow of greatness. Decking experts can use them in various applications, and there are different timber grades based on their eligibility for specific environmental conditions.

Why choose Timber Decking?

With timber decking, your outdoor living will transform from a dull look to a more stylish and attractive picturesque with great functionality and durability. In choosing to have a timber decking, you’re up to some advantages such as an increase in your property value by enhancing the surroundings, offering a natural look with ease of maintenance in longevity, and minimizing slip risks.

Depending on the desired look, experts manufacture timber decking using either hardwood or softwood species.

Hardwood Decking

If you’re looking forward to extremely durable and not easily wearied, hardwood timber decking is for you no matter the environment. This category includes slow-growing, broad-leaved trees such as cherry and oak. They’re known for their incredible durability and weather resistance, but it has a hefty price-tag compared to softwood decking.

Softwood Decking

Softwood is a fantastic value for money and can be a cost-effective way to create a beautiful outdoor space. Softwood decking involves treating preservative chemicals and lasts longer as long as you regularly clean it and reseal it when necessary. The softwood category includes fast-growing trees such as pine and evergreens.

Some of the Best Timber Decking Options

Knowing the right option helps in choosing the most suitable components for the outdoor space. The following are some of the decking options, and each wood has its perks:

  • Treated Pine
  • Jarrah
  • Merbau
  • Pressure Treated Wood
  • Ironbark

There’s nothing that can beat a classic wood and timber deck. It is very cozy and looks very expensive and exquisite. We offer a wide variety of wood and timber for your decks that you can choose from that suits your preference.

Providing a superior service and decking solutions to the people of Ipswich is our ultimate goal. We have been working hard to develop an efficient system to produce work that is not shabby and cost-effective. We believe that you deserve nothing less than excellence, so we strive to provide nothing short of that.

Our team not only installs decks that are good-looking, but we will also walk you through the entire process to achieve the design you have genuinely envisioned. Here at Ipswich Decking Solutions, we offer deck maintenance and repair services at an affordable rate.