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What is a Pergola? Designed to provide you with other beauty, privacy, and shade, a pergola is your private retreat outside your home. The designs for pergolas have a wide range of styles, sizes, shapes, and materials, taking into account other special features. The Ipswich Team helps you sort out various options in coming up […]

Composite Decking

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Why use Composite Decking? There are many fast-growing alternatives to hardwood decking in the market, and composite decking is one of them. Composite deck boards are known for their resistance to moisture, weathering, and fading. The most significant benefit to owning a composite deck is minimal maintenance; no oiling required!  There are many reasons why […]

Timber Decking

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What is Timber Decking? Timber decking maximizes one’s outdoor space and provides a smooth flow of greatness. Decking experts can use them in various applications, and there are different timber grades based on their eligibility for specific environmental conditions. Why choose Timber Decking? With timber decking, your outdoor living will transform from a dull look […]