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Pergolas Ipswich

Committed to creating concepts for your outdoor space, we give you pretty exciting structural additions such as outdoor kitchen, dining, patios, and decks. Ipswich Decking Solutions is here to extend our expertise in deck building with pergolas installation.

Enhance your entertainment outside your house with a pergola that is well-designed and professionally installed. Pergolas are a dainty addition to your backyard’s aesthetics, providing you a homey and cozy place for relaxation. They also transform your dull space into a dynamic area that you can be proud to show off.

Not only can you see nature’s beauty at your home, but you also enjoy the comforts of having a more expansive outdoor space with your family and friends.

What is a Pergola?

Designed to provide you other beauty, privacy, and shade, a pergola is your private retreat outside your home. The designs for pergolas have a wide range of styles, sizes, shapes, and materials, taking into account other special features. The Ipswich Team helps you sort out various options in coming up with designs that complement your tastes or preferences. Pergolas either be freestanding or attached to the side of your house. The range of styles from classic to modern is also broad enough to match anyone’s vision.

Sample Pergola Styles

  • Mediterranean Screen Style
  • Picnic Wooden Style
  • Geometric Freestanding
  • Slide-Wire Style
  • Pagoda Style Freestanding

Sample Sizes of Pergolas

  • For Small to Medium-Sized Decks: Around 12×16 ft Pergola
  • For Large Decks: Around 16×24 ft Pergola
  • For Backyard Freestanding Pergola: Around 12×16 ft or 16×20 ft
  • **The Pergola size also differs considering the furniture you will want in your space and desired style.

Pergola vs. Patio

Not many know the difference between patios and Pergolas, so they are easily mixed up. The main difference one must understand between the two is the materials used in constructing them. Decks are stable structures with supports built with steel, which is more robust and can last longer. They work great if you have some budget restraints, and it suits older-style houses a little better. On the other hand, Pergolas are constructed with treated timber, requiring a lot of regular maintenance because of exposure. You will have to consider looking at your budget before choosing between the two and getting a free quote for both.

We will build you durable and beautiful custom-made pergolas to complete your outdoor experiences. Our experts only use the top-right quality materials, proper installation procedures, and expertise in the construction, providing you peace knowing you will have a pergola which strength goes beyond destructive elements over the years. If you need quality service and installation you can depend on, one of which goes beyond your expectations, trust in the experience and expertise of professionals in Ipswich Decking Solutions.

Request a free no-obligation quote today, and be one of our valued customers!