5 Simple Deck Refinishing Tips from the Pros

If you feel like your outdoor deck has seen better days and is now starting to look weathered and dull, don’t give up on it just yet because there are still various ways to revive and give it a fresh new look. Sprucing up your deck is an enjoyable task you can work on with your loved ones. Moreover, the outcome of this home improvement project can make a substantial upgrade on your outdoor living area’s functionality and curb appeal.

Whether you plan to have an extensive renovation project or just want to properly maintain the look of your deck, our team got you covered. With the help of our friendly pros at Ipswich Decking Solutions, you can transform your worn and damaged decks into stunning and versatile one. Check out the simple deck refinishing tips we will share with you to have a clearer perspective on how you can give your deck the makeover it deserves.

Tip #1: Examine your deck from top to bottom.

Before giving your deck a facelift, you have to thoroughly inspect your deck from top to bottom. Check if there are any structural issues, loose surface boards or rotting or broken planks in your deck. Besides that, it is also essential to inspect hazards that are not easily observed by the naked eye, such as termite damage, drainage issues and unstable structural supports. Doing so will help determine the problems you need to resolve and know the upgrades that your deck needs.

Tip #2: Keep your deck clean.

Cleaning your deck on a regular basis may seem like a tedious task for some. However, it is a key process in preserving the look of your deck and protecting it from the excessive damage caused by daily wear and tear. Remember to diligently sweep the dirt and debris on your deck’s surface every day and clean it thoroughly using a mild cleaner and wet mop or pressure washer at least twice a month. You can also book a professional deck cleaning and restoration service at least once every year to ensure that your deck gets the deep cleaning it requires.

Tip #3: Take care of visible damage.

Once you have inspected your deck thoroughly, it might be best to immediately resolve the visible damage on your deck. These problems can affect the functionality of your deck and may also cause serious safety hazards to the people using it. For these reasons, you have to immediately replace missing deck boards, repair exposed nails or sagging handrails and replace rotted boards. Create a structurally sound deck so you can have a safe and relaxing environment in your outdoor living area.

Tip #4: Change the paint or stain of your deck.

If you feel like your deck boards are worn out and weathered, why not try to paint or stain them. The good thing about deck stains and paints is that they are available in a diverse range of hues and tones that can efficiently complement whatever theme and style you prefer. Whether you want a warm or cool shade or prefer a light or dark stain, you can easily find it at the nearest local depot.

Tip #5: Properly seal your deck.

Although most deck materials are treated or naturally resistant to ever-changing weather conditions, high foot traffic and harsh elements, it is still better to have them properly treated at least once a year. Decks made of wood should be protected from moisture and heat to make sure that they can stay durable and attractive for the years to come.

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